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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2018

Entry 27th December 2018: Post 02: Amiga 500+ - The GVP Challenge

Amiga 500+ - The GVP Challenge

Time to take a look at those pesky GVP sidecars for the A500 or
the A-500 Plus in truth. I have pulled a few out including the
Turbo to give a whirl and check also the one I use generally
with the 500 in the Workshop.

I did discover both my older power supplies for the GVP had
fallen over and the capacitors had leaked very badly. Fortunately
I have a boxed sidecar that I checked recently and recovered the
almost new power supply which I use on all the machines. I do
have another power supply so I'm OK for now.

First up though I need to retrieve my A500 machines that I use
with the GVPs. The first is a bogus 500 with a 500 Plus motherboard
that I fitted along with keyboard and floppy drive. This was kinda
a fully innards transplant creating a monster of a red light A500.
Good time to see how that battery is coping.

The second A-500 Plus is an actual Plus which I use now and then
with the GVP. It has the actual grounding though not sure they
were provided with the GVP as this was for a 590.

Both computers worked and were checked thoroughly and are all
prepared for the GVP challenge planned for tomorrows blog. Suffice
to say I have already completed the challenge but cannot divulge
the results until tomorrow.

Just as an aside.. every night as I lay in my bed at between two
and three in the morning, I reflect and ask myself a simple
question ... ' What am I going to do tomorrow ? '. Well my mind
has recently been reflecting on the box artwork for the Amiga
1000 so maybe the time has come. Or not ... really don't know.

By the way, never go to bed early. Sleep is such a waste of time.

Amiga 500+ - The GVP Challenge

What looks like an old Amiga 500.

Complete with the ribbon keyboard cable.

Revealing an Amiga 500 Plus motherboard.

And some of my handy work.

Battery has long long gone.

Bits a slight powdery residue.

The 2.04 ROM and revision 8A board.

Check for rust on the fat lady.

Check for corrosion on the port pins.

The case is broken sadly.

It's the computers battle scar.

The keyboard is pretty clean. Ageing well.

The second A-500 Plus

Small switchable RAM card.

And not a ribbon keyboard cable.

Again the battery has been removed.

That 2.04 ROM chip. Important having the
best ROM for all situations when not knowing
what is actually on the sidecar.

Again checking for depreciation round the fat lady.

Checks for battery damage residue.

Up to you if you want to clean all the
corrosion off pins. Me I leave well alone
and just check every so often. Following
my first rule... ' Aint broke don't fix it '.

If the battery is going to eat anything
it will be U12, C12, the edge of the port
pins and the large strip up to JP9. Those
are the killer tell tail damage positions.

Always make sure the keyboard cable isn't
trapped by the side of the knife like shielding.

For me age is a thing of beauty. Also remember
when you Retrobrite an Amiga, you no longer have
an original Amiga. The original coating is lost.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
This keyboard and case show the years
of use being sat in front of a window
I am guessing. Was there a long time.

Any discolouration does not affect the computer.

For me it is very important.

You can see clearly here the way light
has yellowed the keys . It has not yellowed
where the surface was in shade from other keys.

And trust me I would never like ever be so
silly as to destroy the surface of the original
machine. I am in the possession of an old computer.
I have no desire for it to be scraped and defaced
just to satisfy a desire to make it somehow new again.

The surface coating has within it an in-tumescent
substance which is designed to prevent the surface
spread of flame. Over the years the light has
reacted with the in-tumescent and turned it yellow.
To get at the yellow in-tumescent you must scrape
or remove by chemical the actual surface of the
computer keys and facework, leaving it exposed and
without any protective coating. And more importantly
does not stop the yellowing process which in truth
may well have now been accelerated.

Anyway.. I don't destroy my Amigas just cus I have
a problem with ageing machines. I mean what is retro?

The mouse is the original colour. So funny.

So the first computer is working.

And so is the second.

Just look at the red light illuminating
below the keys.

Sorry to go off on one about the damage of
surface removal. It's just that the the biggest
threat to the Amiga is actual users. I read
so many threads on EAB, Amiga Org, Reddit etc
that start with the words... just got an Amiga
and I am going to pimp it up. ... Sadly that is
what I have been reading since 1995 when the
first wave of killer Amigans destroyed the 1200
by hacking them into towers.

Now we have CDs, floppies being cut into cases.
I can understand why folk want to upgrade but
sorry these computers are never going to compete
in the modern world. They are what they are. Pretty
ancient technology.

All I will finally say is that when they are
all gone, and cut to ribbons and hacked and scraped
to death. Someone may unearth the lost scuzz
treasures and be grateful that some survived.
The computer has a serial number, it is unique.
Do anything you want but please don't lose the
valuable unique machine that you own. She
deserves better.

Remember the girl in Matrix just before she has
her plug pulled she says ' No ... Not like this '.

A thing of beauty is a joy for ever. Cherish.

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