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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2018

Entry 30th December 2018: Post 02: Sinclair Spectrum 128 - Salvage Job

Sinclair Spectrum 128 - Salvage Job

This isn't going to make a whole load of sense but here goes. I
have four busted Spectrum 128s the one with the toast rack plus
another in an original box. In amongst this is also another Speccy+
which for the sake of the exercise I would just ignore.

I test the four loose machines and actually swap out a number to
get a fix. I have no idea how I did it but in the end I managed
to get all four working albeit each with a keyboard membrane shot.

The one machine which was the dummy turned out to have just a
dodgy modulator so that also was working. Like I say no idea how
that happened. All four now wait a new membrane.

Thing is I did acquire a new membrane and in the end fitted that
to the Spectrum 128 in the original box. See the next blog. Now
all I need to do is save my pennies and get these other 128s
kitted out with new membranes.

OK... there are only really four machines here that matter and
they are numbered accordingly. The bogus Spectrum+ just ignore.
I start out a little confusing cus I am swapping out keyboards
left right and centre, so the numbering wouldn't make sense. As
I progress though I generate numbers for the respective machines.
All will become clear.. or not. Probably not.

To the pictures ....

Spectrum 128

First computer working so swapped out keyboard.

Got a little more action on the keys
but still missing important keys.

This one was much better.

Whoops !!! That's not working.

OK with two out of the four working
with some keyboard action I decided
to buy a new membrane and see if I could
get one of them functioning.

With my four computers now fully
reassembled I then checked them each
in turn numbering them accordingly.

Number 4

Just the dodgy 'y' key. Works sometimes.

Number 1

Functioning but with a number of missing keys.

Number 3

Same problem with the keyboard.

Number 2

Appeared to be well and truthfully broken.

Need to go in deep... deep deep.

Turned out to be a bad connection on the TV connector.

So in the end all four were actually
working and needed just new membranes.

There may be other issues but nothing
can be further checked until I get the
keyboards working. That's a tomorrow project.

It will happen though. Always does.

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