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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2018

Entry 30th December 2018: Post 03: Sinclair Spectrum 128 - Back in the box

Sinclair Spectrum 128 - Back in the box

Journeys end with the 128 and the boxed version gets a new membrane.
Was broken the day she arrived with the previous owner writing on
the polystyrene about the failure. Only took like around a decade
to fix but hey.

I chose the boxed version in the end as it really did complete the
package. Like I say I can now work on the others when I get the
spare cash to replace the membranes. I tend to use the Plus3 to be
honest when I am using the Spectrum together with the 48K.

That was a real marathon and one that has been a little frustrating
at times. Eventually you kinda break the back of it. Good thing is
I don't have loose keyboards and membranes lying around any more.

And so here she is... Toast anyone.

Spectrum 128

My Spectrum journey ends... FOR THIS YEAR !!

Cuppa me thinks.

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