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ScuzzBlog: Diaries February 2019

Entry 1st February 2019: Post 02: ibrowse - But not on the Amiga

ibrowse - But not on the Amiga

Play on words but ' ibrowse ' or I browse but not on the Amiga sums
up my experience of ever trying to use the Amiga on the web. I know
that a better graphics card was pretty essential but when you have
an effective Windows machine why should I bother trying to get my
Amiga to jump through the hoops.

With broadband she was just fine with YAM and say the odd download
from Aminet but for any serious browsing I really needed my Firefox.

It was an entertaining adventure setting up the Amiga to run on the
net. I even used the Amiga 4000d 040 and the Picasso IV but even then
it was a strain to use the computer on the web.

So here is ' ibrowse ' probably the best for me in the day. I did also
use AWEB but in truth it always was easier to use Windows.

I also include the box for AsimCDFS for no reason other than to say
there were two reasons I moved over to the PC in 96 and that was cus
of the internet and the second for the CD. Had the successors to the
Amiga in 1995 actually added gear to the range like in the sidecar
CD player then maybe I would have carried on a little longer. The
varied CD file systems for the Amiga served to confuse matters for me
in the day. It was only later that I finally figured it all out and
got a Squirrel and an external CD player. By then the PC was running
at a much faster speed and starting to introduce re-writeable discs.

ibrowse - But not on the Amiga

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