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ScuzzBlog: Diaries February 2019

Entry 7th February 2019: Post 01: Amiga 500 Plus - GVP Demo Frenzy

Amiga 500 Plus - GVP Demo Frenzy

Checking yet another one of my A500 Plus computers and GVP sidecar
to make sure she is well oiled and working as intended. It is just
not possible to have all my Amigas set up so I have them on shelves
and available to plug in as and when.

This Amiga was used quite extensively to build my demo disk collection.
At the time she was hooked up to the GVP in the Workshop. I decided
to rest her when I needed to do a little bit of maintenance to the
floppy drive. All working fine and placed in store.

Today I hooked up yet another favourite of mine, the GVP with the
very last version of 1.3 installed ... Workbench 1.3.4 (v34.20).
There were no more updates to 1.3 so this represents the best it
ever got. I have to say I love this version albeit hardly any real
difference from the previous. Released in 1990.

I couldn't resist a play with one of my boxes of demo disks I keep
in the workshop when I want a bit of Amiga music in the background.
It really is amazing that in doing the photographs I recorded an
MP4 of only part of one of the tracks on a single DD Amiga disk
and it needed a massive 127MB to record in modern form. The actual
video wasn't anything like as good as the Amiga. And on the disk
were numerous other tracks. If that isn't going backwards I really
don't know what is.

Anyway here is my Amiga 500 Plus with the GVP sidecar featuring
Workbench 1.3.4 and a tray full of demo disks. I also booted into
2.05 just to check that the Plus was working as intended. The GVP
gives quite a lift in RAM which is very useful.

Amiga 500 Plus - GVP Demo Frenzy

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