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ScuzzBlog: Diaries February 2019

Entry 18th February 2019: Post 01: Amiga Heaven - The Ritual

Amiga Heaven - The Ritual
One thing I am very passionate about and that is keeping my computer
collection alive. Primarily for selfish reasons and for my own benefit.
And so most days I will check over as many as I can to make sure they
are functioning correctly. The steady and continued checking seems
to do the trick.

Whilst I cannot literally check the many hundreds of computers here,
I do have a healthy batch set up permanently, generally with monitors
and with power to the systems. Some days I do switch them all on and
watch the power surge on the village electric supply. It is quite a
ritual and one that always fills me with a certain amount of comfort
once I know all the girls are working.

Each computer that I have ready and waiting to operate is there for
a reason and so I will let you have a peak of a ritual I undertake
to power up my computer army. There are numerous other machines that
I do check, but these are on a more monthly basis. I do tend to
record when I have the other machines working.

Anyhoo... here is my trek around the computer rabbit hole as I check
over my computers.

Please note that this was a rush around without the tripod so the
images are not the best. But I guess you get the idea

Amiga Heaven - The Ritual

Computer Number 01

First I check the Amiga 3000 sitting
on top of the Amiga 4000d.

Computer Number 02

The Amiga 4000d on the Microvitec.

Computer Number 03

Amiga 1200 with the external 3.5" hard drive.

Computer Number 04

The IBM PS/2 computer running Windows 3.1.

Computer Number 05

Amstrad CPC 464 with external DDI/1 3" drive.

Computer Number 06

Amstrad CPC6128Plus

Computer Number 07

Amiga 500 with external A590 drive.

Computer Number 08

Amiga 600 with internal 2.5" drive.

Computer Number 09

Amiga 1200 with Typhoon.

Computer Number 10

Amiga 1200 with OS3.9

Computer Number 11

Amiga 1200 sitting on top of my A1000.
She has external SCSI drive and ZIP.

Computer Number 12

Coral Win98 machine. Networked.

Computer Number 13

Rosie Win98 machine networked.

Computer Number 14

Amiga 2000 with Series II.

Computer Number 15

Amstrad PCW8256.

Computer Number 16

Acorn 5000 with internal hard drive.

Computer Number 17

Amstrad PCW9256.

Computer Number 18

Acorn A7000 with internal hard drive.

Computer Number 19

Amstrad 6128 with 3" drive.

Computer Number 20

Checkmate computer with two external drives.

Computer Number 21

Commodore C64C on the 1701.

Computer Number 22

Amiga 2000 with Series II.

Computer Number 23

Amstrad 1512 with internal hard drive.

Computer Number 24

Tatung Einstein.

Computer Number 25

Amiga 500 with internal Viper and hard drive.

Computer Number 26

Amstrad PCW9512 Plus with 3.5" drive.

Computer Number 27

My original Amiga 1200 with external SCSI.

Computer Number 28

Amiga 500 with GVP on the Philips.

Computer Number 29

Amiga 4000d 040 with 18GB hard drive.

Computer Number 30

Amiga 4000d with Picasso IV.

Computer Number 31

Windows XP machine with Amiga vault.

Computer Number 32

Windows XP machine ... Kimberly networked.

Computer Number 33

Windows 98 machine called Toni.
Networked to the Amiga 1200 as backup

Computer Number 34

Fern .. Win98 AMD machine networked.

Computer Number 35

Amstrad MegaPC with Sega drive.

Computer Number 36

Amstrad CPC464 with external DDI/1.

Computer Number 37

CBM Commodore 4032.

Computer Number 38

Amiga 1200 with internal hard drive
that I repaired by sticking in the fridge.

Computer Number 39

Second Amiga 1200 with internal hard drive
that I repaired by sticking in the fridge.

Computer Number 40

Win 98 machine called Olivia.

Computer Number 41

Amiga 1200 in the tower.

Computer Number 42

Amiga 1200 with external ZIP and SCSI.

Computer Number 43

Amiga 1200 with internal hard drive for gaming.

Computer Number 44

My Windows98 from 2000-08.

Computer Number 45

My Windows95 from 1996-99.

Computer Number 46

Daniela Win98 archive machine.

Computer Number 47

Amiga 500 with A590 XT and 3.1.

Computer Number 48

The lovely Clara Veiga catwalk screensaver
running on a HP XP machine. Always present.

Guess it is safe to switch them all off.

I could have featured the BBCs and Master
plus all the Atari computers and TRS machines
plus the VIC20s etc, but I tend to check these
more infrequently, probably once a month.

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