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ScuzzBlog: Diaries February 2020

Entry 15th February 2020: Post 02: Photogenics - Cover disks uncovered.

Photogenics - Cover disks uncovered.

I tracked down the cover disks mentioned in the previous blog for
Photogenics as originating from Amiga Computing December 1996.
The software also appears in Amiga Format March 1995.

I struggled loading the Amiga Computing version cus it refused
to boot asking for the registration number. I inserted the
number but kept getting the error message. Anyway, turns out
you have to make sure the disk is write protected and then when
you get the error message just cancel the dialogue box and you
then get into the software.

I include the magazine registration within these photographs.

The software was also featured in various other magazines and
there was a fantastic tutorial in CUAmiga running from Dec 94
to May 95. I have photographed the respective magazines.

Photogenics - Cover disks uncovered.

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