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ScuzzBlog: Diaries February 2020

Entry 23rd February 2020: Post 01: Amiga CD's - Too much of a good thing.

Amiga CD's - Too much of a good thing.

I never did go out my way to buy Amiga CD's. Quite the contrary
as I would always purchase the magazines with the disks as opposed
to the discs. Not sure why I have this attitude to CDs but in
truth I always sensed that there was way too much on a CD. The
contents simply drowned in vast seas of files that I neither had
the time nor the inclination to sift through. So when Amiga CDs
did happen to drop into the collection I just lumped them onto a
shelf with all the other CDs I have collected over the years.

I have no idea as to just how many CDs there are in circulation
but I am pretty sure there isn't the time in the known world
for all its habitants to read, listen or watch what is on them.
So many no doubt have been dumped in landfill and will survive
no doubt the demise of man for future aliens to ponder as to
what these silver discs are. For without the gubbins to read
them they are as pointless as the jewel case housing them.

That is not to say that all CDs are worthless. I have my entire
collected works and Amiga Repository safely stored on CD. I have
tubs full of files downloaded and copied from disks of probably
the entire worth of Amiga knowledge base. Just how I would find
anything is another matter. However I live in the comfort of
knowing I did record the stuff. Whether it still is readable , well
who cares. Nothing lasts for ever. I tried.

One oddity about my time collecting is that I have been fortunate
to have been gifted CDs by fellow Amigans who just wanted me to
have what they had. I even have been sent CDs representing their
hard drives on their Amigas, for safe keeping. The amount of stuff
I have on CD given to me by others is quite humbling.

Anyhoo .. here are some of my CD-ROM discs plus my tub collections
and my own CD collected works. All discs are now safely back on
the shelves, with little chance of ever seeing the inside of a
CD player any time soon.

Amiga CD's - Too much of a good thing.

Modern Ebay collections.

Oodles of Amiga software.

So many Amiga Active discs.

Thanks to Andrew and co for all their software.

Nice one David.

Thanks to Gary for all his software.

I stopped collecting Aminet. Just too many.

I have every Amiga Format CD.

I have every CU Amiga CD.

I do not include all my CD32 titles.

I have the full set of Amiga Active discs.

Discs full of installation software.

So many tub/spindles full of CDs.

The Amiga 1000 Era.

AmigaGuide Documents and Icons.

Amiga Art.

The Amiga Repository.

CVink. All my games and software.

All my Workbench Versions and Contents.

My books and Music and Clara Veiga

House of Sian PD Collection.

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