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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2019

Entry 1st January 2019: Post 01: Amiga 600 - Hard times with a Rev 1

Amiga 600 - Hard times with a Rev 1

When I first mucked around with the A600 I was somewhat baffled
as to why I couldn't mount a hard drive. The one I had turned out
to be a Rev 1 and not the Rev 1.5. The unit was not fitted with
a hard drive cradle nor is there any mention in the manual to
support for a hard drive. The problem with both A600 and A1200
would mean that an identification of the internal port as for user
would mean invalidating the warranty to gain access.

I have a number of A600s and a good number do not have any
internal shielding. This is more common with the HD versions.

So my efforts on 17th April 2002 were to no avail as turns out
the motherboard was never going to work with a hard drive. I had
been on the challenge for weeks and even written my own mount
file to try and boot the thing.

Later I acquired other 600s and had no problems installing the
hard drives. But on these models the revision was 1.5.

The Amiga 600 was termed a series. And to my knowledge there
really was no series. Just the A600. I guess there was the A601
and the incorrectly labelled A609. Not the shortest running of
all the Amigas, but certainly one of the smallest.

I purchased this computer in 1997 to play Sensible Soccer. And
man did I thrash this computer playing that game. So much so
that I had to pay to have the mouse port and joystick port
repaired along with the monitor. The computer was never off.
And that would be Sensible Soccer V.1.1

And the difference between the A-500Plus .... 16 keys. Hardly
what you would call an upgrade.

CPU: Motorola 68000 16 Bit
Clock Speed: 7.16 MHz NTSC and 7.09 MHz PAL
Coprocessors: Multi chip coprocessor system DMA, video, graphics and sound
Memory: 512KB RAM standard, expandable internally
ROM: 512 KB
Interfaces: Floppy Disk Drive - Internal
            External Floppy, Mouse/Joystick 2, Serial (RS232, PC-Compatible)
            Parallel (Centronics, PC-Compatible)
            Video - RGB Analog DB23 15KHz, Colour Composite, RCA, RF Modulator
            Stereo Audio

PSU: Switching 23 Watts
Keyboard: Integral 78 keys
Disk Drive: Standard built-in 3.5" floppy drive 880 KB Formatted capacity
External Disk Drive: Optional
Video: North America RGB NTSC International RGB PAL
Sound: Four independent sound channels
Text-Speech: Built in
Clock: Optional with battery back-up
System Software: Multitasking: Includes AmogaDOS, Workbench and various utilities.

Amiga 600 - Rev 1.0

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