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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2019

Entry 1st January 2019: Post 03: Amiga 600 - HD and shields down

Amiga 600 - HD and shields down

From the sublime to the bonkers as I open up a HD model of the
A600 to find no shielding what so ever. And I have others that
are just the same so I sense it was never there. This computer
also has the biggest floppy ribbon I have ever found in a machine.
I opened the trap door and couldn't believe the size of it.

Anyway, the hard drive had long since packed up and sadly a couple
of wires had come off the main LED lights. So looks like I will
be getting the soldering iron out again anyway.

It really is the oddest thing to have a completely quiet Amiga
without any lights. You really do need the monitor to see that
she is working.

There we go, the first three computers of the new year. And they
were all working. I am blooded, cut and bruised but I'll survive.
Kinda a good tip, and that is not to stab yourself in the hand
with a red hot soldering iron. I may just have left a permanent
scar.... cool !! Or not as it was at the time.

CPU: Motorola 68000 16 Bit
Clock Speed: 7.16 MHz NTSC and 7.09 MHz PAL
Coprocessors: Multi chip coprocessor system DMA, video, graphics and sound
Memory: 512KB RAM standard, expandable internally
ROM: 512 KB
Interfaces: Floppy Disk Drive - Internal
            External Floppy, Mouse/Joystick 2, Serial (RS232, PC-Compatible)
            Parallel (Centronics, PC-Compatible)
            Video - RGB Analog DB23 15KHz, Colour Composite, RCA, RF Modulator
            Stereo Audio

PSU: Switching 23 Watts
Keyboard: Integral 78 keys
Disk Drive: Standard built-in 3.5" floppy drive 880 KB Formatted capacity
External Disk Drive: Optional
Video: North America RGB NTSC International RGB PAL
Sound: Four independent sound channels
Text-Speech: Built in
Clock: Optional with battery back-up
System Software: Multitasking: Includes AmogaDOS, Workbench and various utilities.

Amiga 600 - Rev 1.0

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