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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2019

Entry 2nd January 2019: Post 01: Rita Vrataski - Repeat or just another mimic

Rita Vrataski - Repeat or just another mimic

There are so many ways to describe the theme for this blog, none
more so than maybe 'Cruise for a Corpse'. Such is Edge of Tomorrow
or is it Live Die Repeat. If that isn't confusing enough the film
actually is based on All You Need is Kill which is a Manga remake
of the light novel of the same name from 2004.

Originally written by Hiroshi Sakurazaka as a light novel in 2004
and then turned into a full scale Manga in 2014 using the magic
artwork of Takeshi Obata, this story demonstrates that the movie
guys in the USA need to focus on other areas of interest than Marvel.

Cruise has never been one to shy away from alternative styles of
movie. I did use to think that Keanu Reeves was the same. The only
kinda problem for me is Tom's age given that it is going to be close
on five years since Edge of Tomorrow before we see the sequal.

The film and the Manga vary somewhat. Rita has the same name though
she isn't the Angel of Verdun but The Valkyrie. Major William Cage
however is called Keiji Kiriya in the book though has the nickname
' Killer Cage '.

The war-front in the book has been going on much longer and is focussed
more globally and at the time homing in on Japan. Rita brought
down the network of Mimics in Florida and battled her own way out
of the loops but retained the ability. She works for the United
Defence Force.

Rita notices Keija during a cafeteria brawl and then picks up with
him during battle. They spend a lot more time together and become
real friends.

The Mimics themselves vary quite considerably in the book. They
are a lot more round and toothy... consuming all they fight.

In the end Rita realises that the two of them are like antenna
drawing the enemy and turns on Keiji. Rita is killed in the story
and Keiji goes on to honour her memory by painting his uniform
in her favourite colours and joins the United Defence Force.

The biggest difference for me is the style of the characters which
although Rita is supposed to be from America, she looks very
Manga style Japanese. Both are ridiculously young looking which
is kinda off comparing the ageing Cruise. As for Emily Blunt, well
although she is cute as buttons she just doesn't fit the part.

I was surprised when I discovered the book to note its comparison
with an Anime character portrayed in 3D World. The guide for
Poser shows how to create this very character. Very similar.

I am looking forward to the next instalment of the film but fear
that it will have to be the creation of other authors and have
none of the background of the original story. The film was a bit
bonkers with the ending and left me saying ' What the **ck ' cus
it made no sense. The book was way more clean and believable.

I am not a great fan of time travelling films, but a science
fiction Groundhog Day is  kinda acceptable. As for Rita well didn't
really fit for me in book or film. I would have much preferred a
long, long haired fiery samurai warrior blading a Katana, but then
that's my gaming play-style.

I did enjoy the film and it really was a breath of fresh air after
all the Marvel crap we keep getting fed. 

Rita Vrataski - Mimic

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