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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2019

Entry 2nd January 2019: Post 02: Emulate or Participate

Emulate or Participate
So are you going to spend yet another year deluding in the idea that
by continuously clicking that mouse button you are somehow actually
participating in anything. I am sure there are many that purport to
be real specialists in their respective fields of interest yet never
actually use the thing they spend so much time commenting on. I am
not decrying the effort and work many expend in creating data banks
of information for download, but eventually the process is self
defeating. It's like having two numbers that are the same either
side of a 'seesaw' ... they are in perfect equilibrium and balance
out to the point of there being nothing there.

You can spend all day clicking the mouse and downloading everything
in sight. You can spend all your waking hours sifting through endless
free files and games to add to your trading card collection. But,
sadly until you tip the scale ever so slightly the other way by
actually adding to the sum of an interests worth you will simply
be contributing nothing.

All that has happened has happened. It was in the past. I live in
the past to contribute to the present. I endeavour to restore and
unravel the past so that others may share in what I find and record.
Nothing that I do involves simply regurgitating things I have
uncovered from the internet. So as I use, photograph, investigate
and discover things I record so as to ensure the past is not
forgotten. But.. and it is a big but, I do not sit endlessly simply
clicking links to resources so that I can add them to my data

So ask yourself that simple question, am I going to sit yet another
year banging the brains out of my mouse under the delusion that
I am actually participating in that which I am interested in. So
maybe instead of talking retro, maybe go get some... for real.

Nothing you see on this page was downloaded. And I offer this to
you as memory of a time when maybe even you participated in its
worth. Take back those memories and hold them in your grasp and
be a proud 'actual' owner of that which you hold so dear.

And so in 2019 ' participate and not emulate '. Just saying.

For real

Those that gave their time to create
software and write every line in each of
these books were single minded in their pursuit
to tip the balance in favour of contributing.
They gave so that others today can take.

Without it we would have nothing.

Not a great fan of Apple as you know but
Steve Jobs in an interview once commented
that when a business becomes successful
it is natural for the marketing men to
get involved to try and make more money
for the business. The problem is that those
market managers have no real understanding
about the core values of the product.

Eventually those market managers start to
dictate the way the products are made and
that rots away at the development team who
become disheartened and move on. Eventually
the product fails.

Steve understood that the heart of any product
is the basic core team of designers who actually
created the product. Without them there is no
heart. Whether Apple still has its heart I do
not know. But, for me his words echo so loud
given the failures I see in the world where the
true worth of peoples creative talents are not
being rewarded.

Anyhoo.... Time for a cuppa tea me thinks.

PS I do not seek validation from anyone.
This is not a social media site. There is no
interactive blog with the old thumbs up. Hell,
I don't even use my own name or have a Facebook
account. All I do is cus I love retro computers
and the Amiga. I give my time freely. No adverts
and no rewards. I gain nothing here but the joy
of touching others with my passion.

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