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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2019

Entry 3rd January 2019: Post 01: Amiga 3000 - Why oh Why ?

Amiga 3000 - Why oh Why ?

Probably going to upset a few Amiga purists here but in respect
of the Amiga 3000 I guess I have never really understood its
purpose. I can appreciate the quality of the computer and I can
certainly appreciate the build and efficiency of the hardware.
But, why did Commodore build the A3000. For me its a bit like
Steve Jobs and the release of the Mac. It was fighting with the
other products and really wasn't a natural upgrade.

The look of the computer is just magnificent. It's style and
presentation was magic. But it had no predecessor and other than
the 3000T it really had no successor. It sits all on its own.
A lot like the Amiga 1000 in truth.

The 500, Plus, 600, 1200 and even 4000 make sense to me. The
2000 isn't that much different to the 500 other than in form
factor. But the 3000 has so much that is unique and special to
the computer that it almost feels like a rogue team were trying
to out do even Commodore. Just the way it feels.

For me the 3000, 3000T and even the 4000T in truth are glass
case jobs. They sit so far outside of the Amiga frame that they
are almost useless. I have 500s, 600s, 1200s and 4000s active
here all the time. I also have two 1000s on tap. But the sad
3000s just sit idle. Even worse are the 3000Ts and 4000T. I
just have no use for them.

And it gets worse. The one 3000 I have is so laced with Apple
that it basically has been set up to run as a Mac computer.
I find that quite insulting, but because it is a machine gifted
to me on the basis of looking after it, I just can't change the
way it is set up. My other 3000 just sits in store.

So today, and probably again in a few days time I feature the
Amiga 3000. Today's with the AMAX card to see how she is
doing. Just a polite hello if you like and then back to the store.
The computer is set up with a laced screen which is almost
impossible to photograph with the flicker. So sorry for the
blurred images. The camera just couldn't focus long enough
to get a good shot. Also I don't have the monitor it was set
up on and so the image is off the edge of the screen. I have
no intention of messing with the screen format as really
I just switch on to see if she is working. She seems just fine.

So here she is the Amiga 3000. Very popular in its day for
many Amiga enthusiasts, but for me I just don't get how first
the computer sits in any time line for the Amiga and second
'why oh why' have such a wonderful machine and then stick a
crappy Mac emulator on it. Hasn't she suffered enough?

I blame Dave Haynie !

Amiga 3000 - A-Max IV

Sorry for the blurred pictures. The screen
is set up as laced and near impossible to shoot.


At this point I got very bored.
The Mac OS does that to me. I just
find myself dozzzzzzzzzzzzz....... !!!!

... er zzzzzzzing off

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