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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2019

Entry 3rd January 2019: Post 02: IOMEGA ZIP CD - What a mistake to make

IOMEGA ZIP CD - What a mistake to make
Some pieces of computer kit are just best forgotten. I haven't
always made the right choices when buying kit. And it wasn't cus
I didn't research the product. Sadly though with the Iomega ZIP
CD I got it very wrong. Just a tip when it comes to writing CDs.
You need a buffer... like with Nero. Without it the disc just
skips a beat for what ever reason and the disc is junk. I must
have expended the cost of this CD writer ten fold in broken CDs.
I have never gotten so angry with anything in all my life.

The process appeared to work and you just waited for the write
to complete and then for no reason the disc would stop doing its
write process and it would then just hack at the disk going through
a cycle of repeating disc failure noises. Worse was that the
process locked the machine up and I had to reboot and start all
over. It was a nightmare. I was getting a 1 in 5 success rate.

I reserve this view to very little of what I have but I can honestly
say that the Iomega ZIP CD is junk. It was useless the day I had it
and it's still useless. Never used it once I had Nero on a PC.

A quite sad bit of history from the very early part of the 2000s.


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