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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2019

Entry 5th January 2019: Post 01: Amiga 1200 - Nasty brown stain

Amiga 1200 - Nasty brown stain

I was mucking around with the PPC on an A1200 and was struggling
to get the card inserted. So I opened the A1200 and discovered
the shielding to be bent and twisted in places and determined I
needed to lift it out and straighten it up. When I took out the
motherboard tray I discovered this nasty brown stain.

From there I just looked everywhere for the source. Eventually I
even fully removed the motherboard to see if I could track down
where it had come from. It was way too much to be a capacitor.
I did discover some old sticky tape on the base of the board.

There was no obvious leak from the board, nor was there any sign
of the leak below the actual motherboard itself.

I cleaned off the stain from the tray and the base shielding and
could only assume it was either a spill, something leaked onto the
power socket or maybe even an overdose of cleaning fluid from an
external source for say freeing up the power connector. If the
staining fluid had come from inside the A1200 it would have been
visible below the motherboard between the plastic protective layer
and the motherboard itself. There was nothing.

So I didn't solve the mystery and neither did I get any joy out of
the PPC. Saying that, both the processor boards got hot so they
were doing something.

I spent a good while straightening out the shielding which was a
mess and generally cleaning and recording capacitor status. The
board looks kinda unreal when reflecting in the bottom shielding
and plastic. Out of this world. I completed my general cleaning
and tested as ever. I guess all I can do is check again, but I
cannot see how there was anything on the board with that much
fluid. Added to the fact the computer is working.

If you have any ideas then feel free to mail me.

A1200 - Strange Stain

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