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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2019

Entry 5th January 2019: Post 02: Acorn A3020 - With the Bury'd hard drive

Acorn A3020 - With the Bury'd hard drive

Not a spelling mistake. Thing about Acorn computers is that when
the battery goes dead you lose the ability for the computer to
self boot. You also lose the hard drive as an active mounted
drive. So the trick is to hit the 'DELETE' key when you switch
on and eventually up pops the OS.

Next you have to activate the configuration application and the
from there you toggle the IDE with the arrow to add a drive and
then click OK. Ignore the warning and hopefully your hard drive
if fitted will appear. In the case the hard drive of 'Bury' CE
school. I am assuming the seller on Ebay obtained this drive
from the school. So many Acorns I have originated from schools.

Nothing much on the drive but still a good piece of memorabilia
from the Acorn school era.

I removed the battery myself some time back and saved the Acorn
from a slow agonising death. She gets checked once in a while.
I have this old Amstrad black and white monitor I use. This was
just one of the many Acorns that I have that was tested.

The A3020 has the red keys which kinda pays homage to the BBC
era with the red keys on the Model B. Works fine. Cleaned the
vent slots again which are a pig to keep tidy. Otherwise no
great issues.

Acorn A3020 with 2MB RAM and fitted with an 80MB IDE. Uses an
ARM 250 processor and was released in September 1992 for 1000.

Acorn A3020

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