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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2019

Entry 6th January 2019: Post 01: Elvira - On your hard drive

Elvira - On your hard drive

I know a lot of players get frustrated with the disk swapping of
games for the Amiga. Something I have always tried to establish
at a very early stage with any Amiga is the installation of a
hard drive, whether it be internal or as with the A500 I am about
to feature, by use of a GVP sidecar.

If you have the games disks for games, sometimes the HDInstall
can be a little obscure. Sometimes it was placed on later numbered
disks. Sometimes it involved copying the install icon to the
necessary partition. Also the install may need to be initiated
by a command from the SHELL.

One of the most frustrating aspects of the early installs on the
Amiga was the inability to direct the install to a specific
drawer, no matter what. And you get the game plus all its sub
directories dumped onto your main system disc partition. I
have also had failures to install because I have a large hard
drive and because the game can't make sense of it refuses to
install because it thinks it is full.

Anyhooo.. to the lovely Elvira again. I mean it was last year
when I last featured the beautiful temptress.

So how do we install Elvira and help her find her chest. First
you insert DISK1 and then open the SHELL. You change the directory
to DF0: if you are using the Amiga internal floppy, or DF1: for
the external floppy.. either one works. Then type in the line
HDINSTALL:HD0 where HD0: is your given hard drive and then RETURN
and it will start copying all five disks. Just insert the disks
when requested.

Then when complete open the folder Mistress and inside you will
find Elvira waiting for you. Go through the intro and then work
out the puzzle. I died whilst making ADF images of all five disks.
Next to the Amiga 500 is my A4000d which I use with ADFBlitzer to
make copies of the disks to keep them safe.

One issue raised recently was the problem of reading red writing
on blue disks in the dim light. True enough, the wording on
the Elvira disks becomes almost invisible in the dull light.
I can see why some of my disks have extra white sticky labels.

I include also the full contents of the box to make sure anyone
collecting has all that is inside. The 3D special glasses or 'not'
in truth, are necessary to read the hidden script from the book.

This is a very enjoyable romp I have to say. Made all the better
for having Elvira at the helm. A wonderful collectors item.
I also edited a more photo-realistic image of Elvira into the game screen launching the game. As you do.

Elvira Hard Driving

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