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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2019

Entry 6th January 2019: Post 03: Amiga 4000 - 040 Lara

Amiga 4000 - 040 Lara

Second of the A4000ds and this time she is an 040 and man is she
fast. I love this computer. She came to me from a guy in Bristol
who I purchased from. I collected the computer personally as I
really couldn't trust the postal delivery people.

She wasn't as loaded as seen here, though she did have the Picasso
and the neat little case fan mounted over a card slot. So clever.

The computer was used as an internet machine and when I had dial
up I used this computer for all my Amiga group postings. However
when I moved away from dial-up I stopped using the A4000d online.

She was used on a large Mitsubishi PC monitor and so the screen
looks a little jumbled with my favourite game chick Lara. I did
drag out a large monitor I got for the 1200 from Analogic just
to demonstrate how she should really look.

Not my favourite OS I have to say and I find it all a little
tedious to use. I much prefer 3.0 or 3.1.. preferably 3.0.

The computer worked without fault and ran for quite a while
this morning as I was putting together a feature on DiskSalv.
I was quite sad to have to put her away. Won't be long before
she is back. I do use an A4000d 040 daily but that one is sat
permanent in the workshop. They are just so useful with the
CD facility and the double floppy drives built in, one being HD.

Great machine, great times.... not as good as an A1200, but hey.

Amiga 4000 - 040 Lara

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