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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2019

Entry 8th January 2019: Post 01: A3000UX - Amix or is it Unix

A3000UX - Amix or is it Unix

It was Bob Welland that wanted to port Unix onto the Amiga before
he left for Apple. The 68020 add-on card which had full 32 wide
memory and MMU needed to run Unix was worked on by Dave Haynie in
1987. He recalls the Unix to be System 5 Release 3 which they called
the Amiga system Amix running on a 4MB machine.

The port eventually was the AT&T System V Release 4 OS in 1990
and was bundled with the Amiga 3000UX.

Sadly the Amiga Unix had no compatibility layer allowing it to
run Amiga applications under Unix. This may have deterred would-be
users along with the massive cost of $5000 for the A3000UX. The
machine even with the 68030 was seen as underpowered.

The whole endeavour vanished into the history books. However there
are still some with a keen interest and I for one have had the
Amiga 3000UX as an ongoing project for over a decade. I have all
the necessary components excluding sadly the tape drive. As the
years go by I am less convinced I will ever complete my work.

And so the A3000UX sits in pieces waiting the final piece of the
old Unix jigsaw. The motherboard is kept in a separate plastic
tub ready and waiting. Shame really, but hey, I'm glad I got
what I did when I did. Be impossible today.

A3000UX - Amix or is it Unix

The A3000 motherboard in store

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