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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2019

Entry 8th January 2019: Post 02: Amiga 3000 - Just checking

Amiga 3000 - Just checking

First chance I had to add an Amiga 3000 to the collection involved
an import from Germany. I had been checking around for some time
then came across a very nice looking machine in Germany. This purchase
actually turned out to be the start of many similar transactions
which involved a quite risky business of wiring sellers in Germany
money and then keeping my fingers crossed they kept their side of
the bargain. In truth I have found German sellers some of the best
in the world. They really have never let me down.

The only down side is that you get a German keyboard and some of
the software, applications and books are in German. There was such
a lot of Commodore kit made in Germany.

So what am I doing here... well I just go round and round and round.
No sooner have I completed my circle of checking my machines than
I am back to square one. Takes about a year... YES !! a whole year.
Or so it seems from my records of when I was last with this computer.
Some I have to cycle through a little quicker but I am pretty
confident that this computer will be fine. Last time she was on the
bench was 20th January last year.

You will have to excuse me using most of the images from last year
but she just doesn't look any different. She was working fine. I
do have a problem using my Amiga monitor to take photographs as this
crappy Lumix just cannot deal with the refresh rate scan lines. Its
a shame I broke my Canon cus that camera coped much better.

Not sure if you really need technical blurb on the Amiga 3000

Dave Haynie started work on the Amiga 3000.... he joked that he knew
what the name of his next project was going to be by simply adding
a 1000. This was a big project. The team consisted of Hedley Davis
famous for the SX-500 in 1987, who later worked on the "Hedley" A2024.
Greg Berlin Responsible for high-end systems at Commodore. Scott Hood
and Jeff Boyer. Dave was responsible for the Buster chip 32 bus and
the Zorro III bus.

In 1990 the Amiga 3000 was presented to the world. Debut. April 1990.

That same year Dave Haynie started working on the 3000Plus using the
double A chips, 32 bus video fetch burst mode, Alice and revised Agnus.
The computer had 8 bit colour better graphics so it could talk to VGA
monitors without flicker fixer. The Plus needed better sound. using
the [ DSP chip ] co processor sitting next to the CPU. DSP could also
do modem stuff. DS 32D 10 x floating Point faster. The 3000Plus would
have used the 040.

Sad this was cancelled... The A3000 was never really allowed to blossom.

Amiga 3000 with Motorolla 68030 running at 16 or 25 MHz.
PUS is the 68881 running at 16 MHz or the 68881 at 25 MHz.
RAM is max 2MB 32-bit chip and 16MB fast. Upgrade to 128.
ROM is a 512 kB Kickstart ROM.
Chipset uses the ECS Enhanced Chip Set.
Video - 12 bit colour palette ( 4096 ) colours.
Sound 4 x 8-bit PCM with 2 stereo channels.

More information on the net in truth. [ obviously ]

Amiga 3000 - Just checking

Previously on scuzzblog

This computer just does everything it says
on the tin. Magical... sadly no challenge
Just like an Armani suit... Incredibly well
tailored and immaculately put together but
.. well er, kinda lacking in zing. You can
tell I grew up with British cars can't you
Always breaking down but loved em to death.

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