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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2019

Entry 8th January 2019: Post 03: Spectrum 16K - I just don't believe it

Spectrum 16K - I just don't believe it

Odd that I regret receiving an upgrade for a broken computer free
of charge. When the 16K Spectrum broke it was returned to the shop
and instead of repairing it they gave me a 48K Spectrum as a
replacement for the 16K. I was quite attached to my 16K but hey
I was happy at the time.

Over the years it's gotten really hard tracking down 16K models.
I was somewhat upset that the only 16K that I had broke and I have
no skill at fixing her. So she is now dormant.

So imagine my surprise when finally getting round to putting all
my Spectrum boxes away that I pictured in December to find that the
one Spectrum has this 16K label on the back. I'm gonna take that for
the win no matter what the box says about being 48K.

Anyway I got very excited and then slowly, and I mean very slowly
opened the unit up. And sure enough there was an Issue Two board
from 1982 with only 16K populated. The sockets are there for the
other 16K but they are not installed. Also a couple of the sockets
have no metal receiving pins by the look of it. Man was I happy.

And then ... ' I just don't believe it ' Bugga !!!

I checked to see if she was working and had lost the Symbol Shift.
I opened up to have a look and became suspicious of the smaller
of the keyboard connectors. I just gently tried to make a better
connection. Fired he back up... Nothing. All keys gone. I was so
bloody angry with myself for looking.

OK So to Ebay and I bought a couple of membranes. Hopefully I can
fix her. The case looks as though she has been opened before and
the metal keyboard plate may have just been glued down. I am not
risking this so have purchased two membranes just in case I fail
with the one. These things are not that robust.

Anyway... I now wait. Something I'm use to. Never mind.

Spectrum 16K - I just don't believe it

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