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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2019

Entry 9th January 2019: Post 01: Toast - For high FLYERs [ video toaster ]

Toast - For high FLYERs [ video toaster ]

I'm all washed out today. Been stuck at the bench all day with an
Amiga 500 and problems with a motherboard. So I am well worn out.

Anyhoo... This is a feature on the Video Toaster. Which is
basically hardware and software video editing kit. It was created
by Net Tek .... Won an Emmy Award wouldn't you know.

Seriously if you don't know what a video toaster is you really
shouldn't be here. Listen I gotta go get my League of Legends
fix so maybe you could Google Video Toaster or something.

Have a nice day.

Video Toaster - New Tek

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