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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2019

Entry 12th January 2019: Post 01: Amiga 500 - Quality Assured by EA

Amiga 500 - Quality Assured by EA

I am on the hunt for Amiga 500 chips and their respective numbering
system. What better I thought than having a look at this Amiga 500
that was once owned by Electronic Arts in their QA department at
Langley. Have no idea of the history of the computer. First thing
to do is check she is working I guess. Which she was.

So I opened up and took a gander at the various chips and recorded
their respective part number. From the dates it ages the chips for
the most part around 1988. The main ROM appears to be a 1.3 version.

I did dig out my original DPaint by EA for the A1000 but I couldn't
find a launch icon and it really needed the original kickstart for
the 1000. It just wouldn't boot. So I cheated and grabbed DPaint II
and that worked just fine.

In truth she worked without fault and ran 1.3 no problem. Not really
a challenge for an A500 though.

I do have a problem currently with an A500 that is just not working.
More on that tomorrow. For now I have my chip numbers but I sense I
may just have to go a different route.

I was a good boy and did what the DPaint authors suggested and copied
the disk. Which is a good test in itself.

Amiga 500 - Quality Assured by EA

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