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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2019

Entry 12th January 2019: Post 02: Amiga 500 - 3.1 on an XT-Drive

Amiga 500 - 3.1 on an XT-Drive

One of the reasons I recently extracted an A500 with a Plus mobo
and 3.1 ROM was basically to establish whether the computer justified
keeping the A590 ground on the expansion port slot. I have far more
worthy 500s at the moment in need of the ground and I wanted to
be sure this was the right computer for the job. If you see a recent
post you will know that I didn't manage to get the A5000 working
on this machine but did get the GVP sidecar working. The computer
is fitted with the 3.1 ROM ... which is nice.

So I unearthed a 590 that has caused me no end of problems in the
past and decided to put the 500 3.1 ROM to the test and see if I
could successfully install OS3.1 using the 3.1 ROM onto an ancient
20MB XT-Drive. Now that would be going some.

So here goes....

And guess what. It worked. Whilst the drive did throw out an error
writing to it at first, the HDToolBox that comes with 3.1 sorted
this out and identified and tagged the little nasty on the drive.
This had happened before but the earlier OSs always found no issue
with the drive.

Having checked and validated the drive the rest went very smooth.
The OS was installed and I used the very modest 20MB in two volumes
and set up Parnet and DOpus plus CED for text editing the various
startups and mountlists. She really handled it very well. The
computer was on for most of the day and worked a charm.

Well done.

Amiga 500 - 3.1 on an XT-Drive

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