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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2019

Entry 12th January 2019: Post 03: Amiga 500+ - M-TEC and A590

Amiga 500+ - M-TEC and A590

Having successfully installed the 3.1 on an A590 I was now set to
carry on with my checking of various A590 sidecars and other such
devices. First though I tried the M-TEC drive that had failed all
previous attempts to get it working.

This sidecar did work cus I had the thing mounted off an A500 back
in the year dot and she was fine. But something happened to the
drive and trying to reassemble the sidecar I lost a pin from the
connector off the 2.5". Since then I have tried so often to get
this working but no luck.

With a suitable 3.5" IDE drive complete with Amiga OS I tried again
but failed. I get the drive going round and even responds to the
Amiga 500+. But that is where the thing just hangs. Dead sadly.

I then pulled another A590 drive that I guess is my favourite OS.
Whilst I know the cursor is supposed to look like a mouse it always
reminds me of a sailing boat. The colour on 1.3 is magical. I just
love orange and the blue. Such easy to use contrast.

The drive fired up no issue and I played a while. And so the 3.1
computer has earned it's stripes and I have set her to one side to
use testing sidecars. This Amiga was driven by success and although
I was convinced she had some kind of problem, turned out to have
none. Very odd that. Nice Amiga er 500+ in truth but don't tell
her that. She thinks she is the superior 500. Our little secret.

Amiga 500+ - M-TEC and A590

Amiga A590

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