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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2019

Entry 13th January 2019: Post 02: Phase 5 - The Blizzard 1230 IV Turbo

Phase 5 - The Blizzard 1230 IV Turbo

Simply the very best Amiga 1200 accelerator of all time. Basically
for three reasons... The first reliability and the fact it does
not conflict with any other devices used by me in my time with the
Amiga. And that includes PCMCIA expansions and peripherals. The
second reason is the ease at which the card can be expanded. It
was so simple for me to add 32MB to my 1200. And the third reason
is the SCSIKIT which allowed me to have an SCSI rear port on the
A1200 to connect various devices so freeing the PCMCIA for my
Ethernet card.

When I tell you I must have over half a dozen of these cards in
various A1200s. It was always my weapon of choice and so when I
was able to get one I would jump at it. I also have two SCSIKiT

It doesn't mean to say that other cards don't do the job, but in
truth they all have an aspect of usage that just isn't an issue
with this card. Just fantastic.

BLIZZARD 1230-IV by Phase 5

68030 CPU w/MMU at50 MHz clock rate.
72-pin SIMM sockets allows easy memory upgrades.
Standard 32-bit SIMM up to 128Mbyte.
Autoconfiguring memory and optional MAP-ROM.
Optional user-installable 68882 maths co-processor at 50MHz.
DMA expansion for the Blizzard 1230-IV Fast SCSI II.
Full genlock compatibility.
Integral real-time clock

Two jumpers:

01: MAPROM for loading Kickstart into memory. So if removed the
kickstart will be copied to RAM. If installed the kickstart will
be executed on the ROM. Remapping the ROM-image will occupy 512K
of the installed RAM.

02: RAMSPEED ..Set to improve RAM performance. The SCSI-KIT permits
the addition of a second module and so the jumper has to be removed.
Also if the SIMM is 70 ns the jumper has to be removed.

As stated the SCSI-KIT IV also lets you add another memory module.
I mean could it get any better. Just magic. Such a shame you cannot
buy these cards or similar today. There are other options, but
nothing like this card ... for me.

OK I tried to get some pictures of the tower but not ideal at the
moment as I have a lot of boxes out for a feature I am about to do
on the Pro-Grab and Vidi-Amiga. So I struggled to get the tripod
into position. So apologies for the images. I can assure you that
the tower is organised internally in an ordered way. It just looks
a little confusing. One problem with tower... gravity. Eventually
the Blizzard starts to slip. 

Phase 5 - The Blizzard 1230 IV Turbo

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