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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2019

Entry 15th January 2019: Post 01: K-RAM - In the Public Domain

K-RAM - In the Public Domain

Time was for a quid you could nab yourself a disk full of Amiga
goodies. Basically for the cost of a disk you could order from
Public Domain houses disks featuring software, games, utilities
and demos. Each disk labelled and listed in endless catalogues
and advertised each month in the Amiga magazines.

I can recall getting to the end of my magazine and struggling
in the half light of the bedroom with tiny writing of literally
hundreds and hundreds of disks. I would mark the ones I wanted
and then fill in the order form.

Disks were never quite what you anticipated and sadly for the
most part it was a little bit of a long shot that the content
of the disk was going to revolutionise your Amiga time. However
there were classic utilities and the odd gem of a game to be had.

I have any number of PD-Disks though the challenge of collecting
more has become a real issue as sellers on Ebay ask for a fiver
a disk these days. The set that I feature here was acquired for
very little money and came with no listing. The name of the PD
house is K-RAM and the disks are not titled, but do carry the
catalogue number for reference.

And so to demonstrate the content of PD disks I picked ten disks
at random and went through them using my trusty A600. I cleaned
the drive first for good measure. Do remember that these disks
are from 1992 and so are 27 years old. And as I anticipated not
one fell over. They were all just as good as the day they were
created by K-RAM. Didn't find anything too riveting though the
SID program was a surprise.

Ten PD disks just at random.

I do apologise for the blurred pictures. I have explained that
the LUMEX is pretty crap at coping with the scan lines on the
Amiga monitor. It also bends the screen in a way that I just
cannot explain. You get the idea all the same.

K-RAM - In the Public Domain

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