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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2019

Entry 20th January 2019: Post 01: Amiga 600 - I never give up

Amiga 600 - I never give up

If you read my last post you will appreciate that I sadly lost one
of my Amiga 600s. There really was nothing I could have done she
just fell over. I had resigned myself to the fact that I would
have to put the poor A600 away until I could find a replacement
motherboard or pay someone to fix her.

Anyway, I just couldn't put this out of my mind. I had been a
good couple of days trying to first back up the drive and get
that working and then try to establish what was wrong with the
colour only to find the computer now broken. But I just couldn't
let it go.

As I lay in bed reflecting on things I was sure I had an old
broken A600 carcass lying around but I just couldn't remember
where it was. I woke early this morning and the first thought
that came to mind was the old A600 that I believed I had and
the possibility it was an a cupboard housing C64 floppy drives.
I dunno why I thought she was there. Not an easy job getting
to the cupboard, as is always the case here. There was a stack
of Amiga 500s that I needed to shift.

I opened the cupboard and then to my joy inside was the broken
A600. She had one key missing to a very yellow keyboard. My
recollection of this computer is that I purchased it broken to
salvage the keyboard for another computer I had. The broken
keyboard was the old one and was missing the wires to the LED
lights. I wasn't hopeful of it working as it certainly was
purchased as a broken A600.

She didn't have a floppy drive, ribbon, cables or keyboard
connector. So I connected an external floppy and hooked her up
to my black Amiga monitor. My heart was in my mouth as I switched
on but there was nothing. Not a sausage and not a flicker on the
screen. So I decided to have another go at the broken A600 from
the other day. Sadly that now didn't switch on either. And then
the penny dropped... I hadn't plugged the Amiga power supply in.
So funny.

So I quickly dragged back the supposedly broken A600 and plugged
in and I couldn't believe my luck. She was working. I then moved
the floppy drive and keyboard over from the broken A600 and she
booted into the Workbench. Then more bad luck. The keyboard wasn't
working. No keyboard... bugga.

I wonder .... Had I got the keyboard connector the wrong way round ?
Yes I had. I had simply connected the way it was sitting on the
board and it was the wrong way round. So the connector was reversed
and like magic the computer sprang back to its former glory.

Next I put the hard drive back and the memory expansion card and
I was back to where I was two days ago. However this time I had
the A600 working perfectly again. What an absolutely wonderful
feeling that is. Just magic. And so it turned out to be a very
good day. Just need to get the hard drive working now.

I did discover one annoying fact... My Arcade Snooker doesn't work
on an Amiga 600. Shucks !!

Saying that happiness is a working Amiga. Wonderful.

Time for a cuppa me thinks.

Amiga 600 - I never give up

OK Where was I ?

Onward !!

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