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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2019

Entry 22nd January 2019: Post 02: Video Capture - Vidi-Amiga Part II

Video Capture - Vidi-Amiga Part II

I kinda explained yesterday the processes involved in the capture
of video using the Vidi-Amiga. What I failed to do was show the
software in action. So with the Amiga set up for the Pro-GRAB I
decided to load up the Vidi-Amiga and show how I use a file that
was created by Vidi-Amiga to use in DPaint with the its animation

Again I feature the lovely Clara Veiga and show the simple process
of creating an animation brush. what I tend to do is use the
animation brush or series of animation brushes and then morph
them into clever cycles of images to give a whacky demo flavour.
Interestingly I tend to use AMOS to mix in the sounds.

DPaint is just brilliant at video manipulation .... and still is.
Whereas Photoshop wins hands down on image work, I still work with
DPaint a lot with video. It is just so easy to use.

The Amiga used here has the Typhoon 030 which is very fast indeed.

Video Capture - Vidi-Amiga Part II

What you see without the grabber.

Choose the frames you want to use.

With the DPaint animation control panel

Clara Veiga

A D-Paint animbrush

My D-Paint avatar captured with Vidi-Amiga
of the very lovely Miss Clara Veiga

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