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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2019

Entry 24th January 2019: Post 01: Sound Sampling - Technosound Pt II

Sound Sampling - Technosound Pt II

Yesterday I attempted to sample a piece of music using the very
wonderful TechnoSound Turbo 2. I kinda failed cus I only managed
to record one of the channels. So today I gathered my Sharp tape
cassette player plus Realistic speakers and plugged them into the
Amiga to grab some samples.

The Sharp has been me for over thirty years and is still as good
today as she always has been. She has sat by my side as I have
toiled at my desk filling my ears with thirty years of music.

The Realistic speakers were bought from Tandy back in 1994 to
compliment the sound on my Amiga 1200. The Microvitec monitor
did not come with speakers and so I purchased these speakers so
I could enjoy my game time. They always made a base thump when
switched on which even today I kinda find comforting and brings
back so many memories of the nineties on the A1200. Quite a
fantastic sound I have to say.

Whilst I could have used the sound from the monitor to listen to
the Amiga recordings I wanted to capture some of the sound on
video and so wanted a better spread of sound. The actual tape
machine is dumb when being used to sample as the headphone jack
that the Techno is plugged into kills the speakers.

So having set everything up I basically repeated yesterdays fun
and games and without any issue the computer recorded both of
the stereo channels. It was just wonderful using the actual tape
machine that I used back on the A1200 in 1994. The sound out of
the Amiga was as impressive now as it was then.

I then tried a SONY Walkman to sample some sounds and that worked
just fine. However both the SONY Walkman MiniDisc and MP3 just
refused to play ball sending out a static white noise over the
music. Probably quite deliberate. Dunno.

So I recorded some George Michael and Mike Oldfield and listened
to the recording and even overlayed them and messed around a bit.

All done.

Sound Sampling - Technosound Pt II


Two samples with video and sound
recorded by the actual camera from
the Amiga 1200.. Sorry for the scan lines
Sometimes there and sometimes not.

Vidi-Amiga Animation

The very lovely Karen Mulder during
a Ghost catwalk session. Recorded using
Vidi-Amiga and edited in DPaint on the A1200

That concludes my sampling session on the Amiga.
There is always fun things to do with the A1200
that are so easy to use. None of the restrictive
issues of codecs and online nonsense of just
being able to play and record media. In truth
what the Amiga represents today is FREEDOM


Linda Evangelista, Naomi Cambell, Christy Turlington,
Cindy Crawford, Tatjana Patitz

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