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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2019

Entry 26th January 2019: Post 02: Daily Ritual - Sleeping with the enemy

Daily Ritual - Sleeping with the enemy

Bit dramatic that title, but I grew up in the era where most of
the platforms were at war with MS. So having my treasured machines
sharing a bench with MS could be seen as tempting of the dark side.

The Amstrad featured in the previous blog sits next to my Win98
machine, which in turn sits next to my Win95 machine. I say 'MY'
cus they were my main machines for periods 96-99 for the Win95
and 2000-08 for the Win98 machine. The Win98 machine holds the
record for the longest running computer, though this Win7 computer
is currently running at 8 years in one months time.

Both the Win98 and Win95 machine work without fault. The Win98
machine is the only computer that I have had actually catch on
fire. I never give up with computers and I replaced the PSU,
motherboard, CPU, all the cards and wiring. As you do.

To the right of the Amstrad 1512 is an Amiga 2000 with an internal
GVP Series II and hard drive. She was stuck for years and then
I left her running on her side and the hard drive sprang back
into action. She is tested every day.

Next to the Amiga 2000 is the Checkmate which I also switch on each
day. She has a 590 and SCSI external drive plus two floppies. I
have both the 2000 and Checkmate on a Parnet so that I can transfer
data and file from one to the other. I also preserve their
Workbenches on each others machine.

In front of the Amstrad is the Einstein running on the Trinitron
TV monitor. And next to that is the Amiga 500 with the Viper
connected to the SCART on the Trinitron. So when I have checked
the Einstein I then check the A500 to make sure the internal
hard drive hasn't got stuck again.

On the floor to the front of the Amstrad is another A2000. I
did plug the computer in to check . She's fine.

What I don't show is the computers that sit on the tops of each of
each of the computer's monitors like the SONY HiT-BiT, TRS80 Color. 
Then there is the Atari 400 and 600XL, PCW9512, C64C, another
PCW9512 [original] and Amstrad 6128, Acorn 5000 and 7000 which
all get checked in this area.

Anyway all done. Same time tomorrow.

Daily Ritual - Sleeping with the enemy

Win98 machine 2000-2008.

Win95 machine 1996-2000.

Adobe Photoshop on the Win98 machine.

Amiga 2000 with GVP Series II.

Checkmate with two hard drives.

Parnet handshaking between A2000 and Checkmate.

Checkmate visible on the 2000.

Tatung Einstein.

A500 with Viper and internal hard drive.

Seriously a computer. This Amiga spent it's
life runing 24/7 in an industrial plant.
She is retired now, but still working.

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