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ScuzzBlog: Diaries January 2019

Entry 28th January 2019: Post 01: C64 - Seriously

C64 - Seriously

I read so many posts on current logs regarding the Amiga and I
generally hear the same thing. And that is guys buying into the
platform that are so keen to hack modern floppy drives and CF cards
into the ageing kit just so they can download free games off the
internet and play them on the Amiga. It's like that is all the
computer was ever good for. And yet for me the destruction of
the computer just to feed that game frenzy is troubling.

So when I was mucking around with the Amstrad and thumbing through
my C64/C128 software collection I couldn't help feel a real sadness
that new users, or old returning ones, couldn't just pick up some
'real' software for their beautiful kit and enjoy the platform
the way it was originally intended. The Commodore range after all
were computers first and games machines second. There is still so
much to enjoy and learn from the original software. Getting the
books, special cases, manuals and disk is just such a real joy
and makes for a special and rewarding experience you just don't
get from sticking in your 'Gotee' thing and CF card.

So as I plundered my shelves I decided to drag a few favourites
to the bench and quickly photograph them. I was mostly interested
in Music Composer which I had been looking for for some time.


By the way I did include the one game.

C64 - Seriously

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