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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2018

Entry 19th July 2018: Post 02: Apple Powermac G4

Apple PowerMac G4

First an apology... I am struggling with the new camera. I have
spent quite a while studying the guide book and experimenting,
but have come to the conclusion the LUMIX is shite. Never mind.

I spent a good while with three monitors trying to get the best
out of the graphics on screen but kinda failed, so hey.

This computer is a PowerMac G4 designed by Apple. It probably
represents one of the last computers Apple made before they
gave up the platform in favour of making mobile phones. Have no
idea how that's going as I don't do phones. [ sarcasm ].

I was tempted to make comment about the computer but given that
I just threw the keyboard and mouse half way across the room
in a fit of despair, I hardly think I am best suited to advise.
You either like Macs or if you are like me you kinda just don't
bother with them. I do use them as monitor stands for other
computers so they do have their uses... for me.

So here it is the PowerMac G4 which is a computer designed by
Apple and assembled in Ireland from 1999 to 2004.. ish. If you
want to know more then maybe Google. I'm sure there must be
interesting stuff written about them somewhere.

Apple PowerMac G4

Macs do have their uses at times.

Whoo Hoo my new hard drive and
ribbons have arrived for the Amiga.

Now that is exciting

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