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ScuzzBlog: Diaries March 2019

Entry 12th March 2019: Post 01: Amiga 2000 - The BSA Screwdriver

Amiga 2000 - The BSA Screwdriver
When all else fails. My brother was very keen to stay faithful to
British motorbikes when the Japanese invaded the UK with their
electric start super efficient machines. I recall the daily ritual
of my older brother spending ages trying to kick his BSA into action.
And yet my younger brother just sat astride his Yamaha and electric
started his beast. Often my brother would get angry and scream at
me to hand him the BSA screwdriver ... which was a hammer. And
truthfully his philosophy was if it wont play ball then hit it.

Fast forward to this week and my trusty Amiga 2000 with the internal
GVP HC8-II and a stuck hard drive. Literally just clicks twice and
and then refuses to boot. Nothing for it but to apply the old
BSA screwdriver trick.

So I opened her up and checked over the dusty interior. You can see
where I removed the battery some years back. The front fascia on
this computer has discoloured in a quite strange way.

I pulled the A2088XT which has fitted the optional 8087 FPU. Then
I removed the GVP IO Extender and finally the Commodore 1MB RAM card.

Next up I tapped the Maxtor very lightly with the rubber end of
my screwdriver.. and like magic she sprang back into action. This
computer sits next to the Checkmate as they piggy back off each other
via a Parnet with each others Work and Workbench backed up for that
very odd emergency.

The Amiga 2000 is pretty bullet proof as a machine. Like all my
computers I have never replaced any capacitors and the machine just
keeps on working. I use the 1942 with the washed out colours. She
works also every day without much of an issue. I have no doubt that
this computer will outlive me. Such is the quality of the kit.

If you want to listen to the drive firing up then CLICK HERE

Amiga 2000 - The BSA Screwdriver

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