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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2017

Entry 01st November 2017: Post: 4

Enough with the paperwork already

OK you bought the manual.. and you have all the other bits and 
pieces, now show me the goodies

The manual.. Very interesting

.. and the receipt

Now I'm covered

I've read the terms of the guarantee

Returned the paperwork

Oh no not more paperwork

Whoo.. Printed T Shirts

Enough.. Where is the computer

I decided to end this little review of the
typical C64 paperwork with images of an actual
computer so I dragged down the first one from
mountain of boxes that I could find. I have to
be honest I may never have opened this box, let
alone fired the baby up. So here goes.

Box is a little battered but seems heavy
enough to contain the computer

The descriptive artwork on Commodore boxes
was always very informative

That is my current games C64 that I play
on in the store room

Opens the box and out she pops.

Way less discolouration of the casing

Time to test the kit on the available peripherals

i.e. Datassette and 1541 and Toshiba TV

Simple job of transferring the cables

She's alive !!

Leaves the typical scuzz calling card

File saved to the 1541 - Looking good

And file retrieved from 1541

Excuse shaky images... no tripod

Time for cartridge test and my very
grubby Turtle Graphics II cartridge

No problem plugging the cartridge in

And the Turtle has landed

No problemo !! Games cartridge test


Seems to be working with no issue
Great sound I have to say

Who are you ? I'm Batman

OK Press Play on Tape

Tape works no problem

So funny... Sorry again for the fuzzy images
I really should have used a tripod. Only did
this on the spur of the moment. So sorry for that

Time to put the boxes away. On top of
the C64 was this banged up VC-20.

Then this boxed GVP sidecar

My 1351 mouse and the GameSystem books

I'm done... cuppa me thinks

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