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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2017

Entry 02nd November 2017: Post: 3

ZX-Banger Racing

In my early youth I sometimes went to watch the banger racing over
Hendsford. Races generally followed the same pattern. In the first
few races the rules were followed and the cars kept their distance
and the state of the cars would look pretty good with nice paint
jobs and all the parts generally intact. And then by the end it
really was a no holes barred deal. The cars bashed to pieces and
some very dangerous manoeuvres and tactics. Bit like Mad-Max on heat.

Anyway here are two ZX80 machines and they seriously are very
comparable to banger racing of old. The first is more reserved and
reflects the race to get one of the first home computers onto the
circuit... but in an ordered way.

The second represents the banged up machine at the end of the race
using what ever means to stay in the game. There are even brackets
and bolts not unlike those used on bangers holding the thing together.
I like the nice touch of the ports on the back of the ZX80 that
look like exhaust pipes. Classic bit of kit this.

So what's in the box... This computer was
bought from a guy in Portsmouth who also sold
me his Sinclair QL. He was heavy into online
gaming and played Warhammer Online.

This one is locked away ... safely

These days computers came in kit form
This machine had an on off switch and
bracket to hold the RAM expansion

The keyboard is from a ZX81 and there is
the normal damage to the bottom left corner
where users had to hold the unit steady
while they typed. Always broken off on the 80

The top cover is literally bolted down

The ZX80 exhaust pipes [ joking ]

A massive 1 to 3 K of RAM

The guy stuck his hair behind the selotape

Not for the ZX80 - Spectrum cartridges

Kempston Interface

Interface 2 for the Spectrum

Couple of RAM expansions

They were all in the same box.

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