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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2017

Entry 3rd November 2017: Post: 4

Are you a survivor ?
As the years progress the battle cry of Eric Schwartz becomes ever more poignant. So in truth.. ' are you an Amiga survivor ? '

Old words with a heavy heart

'The Amiga is also a testament to having advantages that double as disadvantages. The Amiga has custom-made graphic and sound chips that are heavily interdependent with the main processor and the OS. This means graphics, animation, video, and multimedia applications are very powerful, fast, and capable regardless of the processor speed. It also means it's not so simple to set up a retargetable display (it's easier now than it used to be) or change the system over to a faster processor type such as PowerPC. The Amiga has a very efficient graphic operating system with preemptive multitasking that uses little memory (under 1 meg) and disk space (a minimal system can run from a DD floppy). It doesn't take much imagination to guess the benefits of such a system, considering the Mac and PC can't match it's efficiency, and probably never will. Unfortunately, a lightweight system doesn't match the other's feature set and polish, such as built in networking, virtual memory, and a Minesweeper game. There are other examples in this vein, but you get the idea. The Amiga is far from a perfect computer platform, but nothing else is either. I prefer the Amiga, pure and simple. I admit, you have to work to get the stuff you want for it, but I look at it as a classic car sorta thing. It's a lot easier to live with a new overpriced Toyota fatass car, if I didn't have any pride or spirit in me, but I'll stick it out for as long as it takes with my Amiga Mustang with the rust spots in the rear fender and laugh at you all. A lot of you might be saying "It's only a computer!", to which my response is "It's only a car. It's only a college. It's only a religion." There's a lot less difference from your own causes than you might think, so don't bug me about being an Amiga advocate until you can tie a name to your computer, and 'Packard Bell' doesn't count.' Eric W. Schwartz

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