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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2017

Entry 9th November 2017: Post: 1

The Acid Test - Part 1

On the Plus side that is two down and not very many to go. I do not
own that many Amiga Plus models so checking them over shouldn't be  
too hard a struggle. 

Took me three days.. just don't know where the time went.


OK to A-500Plus computer number 3

So far we have two working with no issue

All fine thus far

Pretty typical RAM card - Most common

Not sure of the model

Shielding all in place

The battery has been removed previously

All looking pretty good so far

Nice clean machine

No nasty lime green blotches

A tell-tale issue is lime green
puke on the track up to JP9 and
to the feet of C12 and U12

Rev 8A Board.. again quite common

V2.04 which is as anticipated

Couple of scratches above Gary

Tracks look fine

Panasonic floppy is a pretty solid unit

Note the switcher to the RAM card

Time to lock this machine down. And
she is working with no issue

So three down and working .. Fingers crossed

We have power and floppy activity
I do check them on a monitor but
I am not showing the images here

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