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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2017

Entry 10th November 2017: Post: 1

Don't leave me this way... !!!

Woke this morning feeling somewhat sorry for the busted A500Plus
that I placed back into store. So sad. Anyway I decided to go on
the hunt for an old A500 motherboard that I had knocking around
and stuck in my thumb and pulled out a plumb.

Here is what happened.

COMPUTER No. 7 or as it was

OK this is how I found computer number 7

My words were 'disgusting'. Sadly there
was very little I could do to save the
poor Amiga... until today

I couldn't believe how easy it was for me
to find this motherboard. Literally just
sitting on a shelf. Whoo Hoo !!

Think I bought the motherboard as a back-up
given that it was with it's shielding and
still in the original delivery envelope

Not an A500Plus but a Revision 6A A500

Quite a lot of tumbleweed on the mobo

Somewhat dusty but should clean up fine.
Kickstart 1.3 which is just one back I guess

Not too heavy with the cottonbuds but she
cleaned up just fine... Just fine

Time to check those pins. The stuff that
you just cannot replace if broken

Note the missing pins in both images
Should be the same on the existing

Time now to check over the patient

Need to salvage the case. keyboard and
the floppy drive. Fingers crossed

Reflects on what could have been had
the previous owner removed the battery

Removes connector to the keyboard
and same pin arrangemrnt as the 500

Removes connector to the floppy
and also same pin arrangemrnt as the 500

With just power, keyboard and floppy
from the 500Plus I use them on the 500
motherboard and thankfully she lights up

Green power light. So far so good.

Floppy drive - Spinning round

Floppy drive - Stationary

Floppy drive boots Workbench disk

Hooks up monitor. Clock not found... which
is ironic given that the motherboard died
cus of that stupid battery

We have lift off. Straight into 1.3

Time to test the RAM board

Kickstart Screen for 1.3

And yes we have the extra RAM.. Whoo HOOOOOO !!

Time to strip out the old motherboard

And she's gone

And in with the old.. er new. Sorry
couldn't get the same blurry image

All that holds the A500 motherboard
in place is that clip at the bottom
They changed this arrangement on the 1200

Floppy drive screwed in place, keyboard
connected. Mouse and screen plus power
and we are rocking and a rollin'

Found the clock but the wrong time
Reason .. NO BATTERY !! Thank goodness

Everything is working just fine
Albeit 1.3... Nah who cares.

Time to lock this baby down

Checking all the time that she is working

Time to change the label on the trapdoor cover
The switch again works.. Just wonderful

That feels much better

And so the A500Plus becomes the 500

It really isn't as bad as being broken


And now I have a bag full of spares

And all because of that battery

Roll the end credits

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