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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2017

Entry 11th November 2017: Post: 3

Those Amigas living in a box

Decided to crack open a couple of the big boxes to check the old
battery issue on a couple of motherboards. I know one of these I
had a particularly bad experience with.

Two 1500s stacked one on top of another
and haven't seen the light of day for a while

Rather bashed up A1500 box sitting centre
stage in the store room.

Scrappy set of innards. Sadly most
users tended to throw their bigger boxes away

Not an Amiga 1500 but an Amiga 2000.
Same thing really. The 1500 was a Europe idea

Quite a yellow box.

Not a common rear to the machine, though
they did tend to vary a bit

Some times four screws to hold the power
plate and other times just the two

Just the one card poking through the back
and a GVP hard drive if I'm not mistaken

SCSI or GVP-SCSI. Very useful
The hard drive was going round but
sadly not booting. Time to take a look

Unscrewing the side screws and the one
back screw you pull the front panel and
slide the case forward.

The front fascia leaves the floppies and
the power light panel behind

And half way down you can lift the case off

And the outer case is removed

Your classic A2000 naked -- whoo errr!!

Two cards fitted. RAM and GVP-HDII hard drive

The card takes its power for the drive
from the motherboard

Time was when modest RAM involved loads of chips

Quite a busy little beast this

Not just RAM but SUPRA-RAM

Just a modest amount of RAM on this card

And the Quantum HD which was pretty typical

All looks as though its set up properly

With the floppies and PSU unhitched I can
get at the battery and check the wound from
the previous removal. Many years back now

Doesn't look like its gotten any worse

Tramways and tracks pitted and slight
degrading. I have seen much worse. The
battery spillage on this board was bad

Never quite sure when a track stops working
when you see the breaks in the lines

A 2.04 ROM which will have been an upgrade

And the year 1991

Another lime green and yellow board

Paula and Denise

Quite a neat and tidy board

Think I have seen enough

That's the floppy and PSU tray hanging mid air

System check and we have the boot screen

I came armed with a 1.3 so scuse the OS
I can see now that the Quantum is a backup
drive and has no boot function. I am guessing
there was another drive but it was removed

Much later OS also and loads on the drive
All seems to be working properly

Not going to work with just the 1.3 in the drive


Picking up on the first Volume / Partition

Picking up on the second Volume / Partition

2 MB Fast

4 MB Fast

1 MB Chip

Picking up the Zorro cards. The GVP is
flagged twice. There are just two cards

OK time to lock this down. She is working fine

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