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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2017

Entry 11th November 2017: Post: 4

Those Amigas living in a box - Part 2

And so we move to the 1500 from the bottom of the pile

This is a computer that was gifted to me. I was contacted by a 
guy in London who wanted to donate his beloved A1500 to my collection
He was an electrical engineer who had been working in Russia. He 
was a little shocked when I told him the computer would probably
have a leaking battery. Which it did. The whole package was still
intact including the outer .. outer box. Very unusual to have both

The very colourful A1500 original box

Commodore artwork was always very informative

And yes it is an Amiga 1500

Moved the unit to the bench for closer scrutiny

Specially for the European market

Perfectly aligned twin floppy drives
So may 1500/2000s suffer from badly
aligned front fascias to floppies

OK the top cover removed and we are inside

No cards what so ever

To the battery area

Looking very clean

All just a little dusty in truth

This has the original 1.3 ROM

Neat and tidy and without fault by the look of it

Nothing to see here

And so the very welcome hand of 1.3

Boots into the system without problem

Sysinfo showing the state of play

Sorry.. that does make me chuckle

The floppy drive details

Couldn't shrink any further. Never mind
Not a particularly powerful machine but
working all the same. Locking this down now

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