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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2017

Entry 17th November 2017: Post: 1

Under the hood with the Acorn A5000

Ok its time to get under the hood with the Acorn A5000. This 
computer is generally on once, maybe twice a day depending on
what I'm mucking around with. I tend to have the 5000 and 7000
available and ready for action at the flick of a switch.

Acorn A5000 - Front fascia

Acorn A5000 - Rear

Acorn A5000 - Rear ports

Acorn A5000 - Parallel, serial and keyboard

Acorn A5000 - Power

Acorn A5000 - The dusty interior quarters

Acorn A5000 - ROM 1,2,3 and 4

Acorn A5000 - Big brute of a Conner

Acorn A5000 - Hiding those chips

Acorn A5000 - Where is it ?

Acorn A5000 - There it is !!

Acorn A5000 - Problem with the Acorn is
they really do need that battery to work
properly. Especially on the A5000 and A7000
I just don't have the skill level to replace
the thing. Sadly it also lies so deep inside
the computer I have no understanding of how
to strip the machine back. So all I can do is
keep checking and keep cleaning

Acorn A5000 - Battery check

Acorn A5000 - Swift brush around and clean

Acorn A5000 - Nasty little thing but
still currently working

Acorn A5000 - More power to the elbow

Acorn A5000 - Spaces everywhere for more stuff

Acorn A5000 - Not tempted to clean
Especially while she is working fine

Acorn A5000 - Where would we be today
without our ARM

Acorn A5000 - 1991 a good year

Acorn A5000 - Wish I had that many ROM
slots on the Amiga

Acorn A5000 - Incredibly well organised

Acorn A5000 - Acorn Computer

Acorn A5000 - Must check out the
expansion options for this computer

Acorn A5000 - Power to the motherboard

Acorn A5000 - Fires up no problem

Acorn A5000 - That's odd

Acorn A5000 - I've lost the hard drive

Acorn A5000 - Temporary glitch. No idea.
Something I deal with every day with old
computers. Moved her back to where she
normally sits and connected up and she worked
just fine. She has been working without issue
since the problem. This is why I power up as
much of the kit I can on a daily basis.

Acorn A5000 - Time is correct... Cool

Acorn A5000 - No time for games
A load more Acorns to check

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