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ScuzzBlog: Diaries November 2017

Entry 17th November 2017: Post: 3

Acorns all over the place

My regular check on my family of Acorns

Acorn A3020

Acorn A3020 - Working no problem. Battery
has been removed so I boot from the DELETE key

Acorn A3020 - There is a 2.5" but it has
long been broken on this machine

Acorn A3020 - You can add drives from
the configuration . Sometimes works

Acorn A3010 [ No 1 ] - Keep track of these
as I have four. Strange this cus I kept buying
these thinking that each one I had was broken
It really was a battery issue and only found
this out later. Note the blue dot over the disk
light. Just that I know which one is which from that

Anyway the computer is working no problem

Acorn A3010 [ No 2 ] - Working no problem
Note the blue dot on the case this time
Loads of these machines were in schools
and the colour dot probably has something
to do with that.

Acorn A3010 [ No 3 ] - Anyone familiar with
Acorn machines will know what these coloured
boxes mean when you boot in

Acorn A3010 [ No 3 ] - More coloured boxes

Acorn A3010 [ No 3 ] - This unit has an
Ultimate interface

Acorn A3010 [ No 3 ] - Hmm !! No floppy disk. Problem

Acorn A3010 [ No 3 ] - Working but with no floppy disk

Acorn A3010 [ No 3 ] - The Ultimate interface
Sadly with no power supply

Acorn A3010 [ No 3 ] - Amazing that it needed
its own power supply. That connector is so rare

Acorn A3010 [ No 3 ] - I know its working cus
there is a light on inside... I need to check
out this computer. So read on in later post

Acorn RISC Station - I know this is working

Acorn RISC Station - Not sure who put this together

Acorn RISC Station - Even has its own keyboard

Acorn RISC Station - RISC OS4

Acorn RISC Station - All the blurb

Acorn RISC Station - More blurb

Acorn RISC Station - Very pleasant interface

Acorn Mices - The Acorn uses the three
pronged fork which would really annoy
Sheldon Cooper. That middle button is
so important. Mice for earlier machines

Acorn Mice - A much older mouse

Acorn 3000 - Subject of a recent post
so I know she is working

Acorn 3000 - As is my second computer

Acorn 3000 - Not sure which machine was the
last to have the BBC logo

Acorn 3000 - So that's my brief check
almost complete. I have two Acorns on
bench which I will discuss in the next
two posts.

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