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ScuzzBlog: Diaries September 2017

Entry 12th September 2017: Post: 8

Not so annoying little books

Remember all those annoying little books that came free with 
your Amiga magazines, well here is a selection. See if you
can remember how many you managed to hang on to. I say annoying
cus although they were very informative, they usually were
so heavy they came off the magazine cover and the newsagent
then stuck them back on with selotape. Most would rip the
face off your beloved magazine. The size was an issue being
half A5 which really didn't stack well with books or games.

I have managed to keep quite a few and they have been well
thumbed over the years. It really was just a size thing.

Amiga Music and FX




Hints and Tips

Amiga IV

Amiga E

Software Encyclopaedia

Creating Fractals

Deluxe Paint

Absolute Beginners

Real 3D

The Dream Machine

Get the most out of your Amiga

All about the 1200

Comms Bible

Get into CD-ROM

Get into the Net

Everything you wanted to know

Mastering the Amiga

Internet, modems and the whole comms thing

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