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ScuzzBlog: Diaries September 2017

Entry 13th September 2017: Post: 4

What was I doing ?

I dunno, I set myself the challenge of setting up the Fast Trak
and three hours later I am doing anything but. All started with
a silly small switch in the back of an A500. 

I hooked up the Fast Trak and managed to pull every colour of 
the rainbow through the monitor. Started with nothing, then a
lovely yellow and green and then grey. The power light was
flashing and I just decided to leave the thing running. The 
computer was talking to the hard drive because the unit was
powering up when I switched on the A500. I decided to have 
something to eat and leave the unit running for half an hour.

Came back and I had a lovely deep blue screen. No Workbench
just a deep blue. I rebooted and I was back to yellow and the
power light blinking at me. I decided to swap computers and
that's when I hit a broken A500, which kinda upset me. So I
fetched another and discovered an interesting switch on the 
back of the machine. This computer wouldn't boot either. Then
I discovered I had pulled the wrong plug out. Duh ! so the 
other computer was fine also.

Too late though now.. I was hooked on this switch. So I delved
down into the sidecar graveyard and pulled out a GVP and I was
away. The switch was obviously a ROM switcher. I must open this
computer up and see what is going on. GVP worked fine. Odd drive
letter coming up on floppy which vanishes when you load a disk.
Got the camera out and three hours later the Fast Trak just 
sits there and I have a 500 running with a GVP and I'm at it with
the cotton buds and preparing to open up.

Seriously.. this is what happens here. All the time.

Hello .. Whot we got here ?

Better hook up a GVP and give myself
some ready tools to play with

Floppy drive issue. May need some attention.

GVP power supply and plugged in.

The sidecar graveyard down here

They are not broken... Just resting

Strange floppy drive issue

That is all working fine

I start to puzzle over the ROM switcher

Already losing track of the Fast Trak

Damaged corner to 500.. Maybe swap it out.

Needs a clean

Disgusting !!

Can't remember this GVP.. Maybe set her up
on another machine and use it

And that's how it starts. Next thing you know
I have three projects where I only had one and
worse I never get the first one finished..

Happy days.. Time to close this lot down for now

Or not !! Probably not

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