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ScuzzBlog: Diaries September 2018

Entry 1st September 2018: Post 01: Amiga 2000 Games Time

Amiga 2000 Games Time
I spend so much time mucking around with A500s and A1200s it is easy 
to forget that there are other Amigas, which are more than capable 
of running games. I then reflected on the fact that I have probably
never really used an A2000/A1500 to play games. And yet the boxes
for the games state that they run on the A2000 ... Interesting.

So I dragged out a few boxes at random and decided to fire up the
A1500 and see just how the gaming experience compared.

Amiga 2000 Gaming

Just a selection of A2000 compatible games.

Leisure Suit Larry.. Classic.

More than adequate resources.

Power Up with some Amiga big hitters.


I shall use the trusty ZipStick.

OK time to pull out the 1500.

Twin floppies at the ready.

Basically just an Amiga 2000
with a different badge.

The computer has an internal GVP Impact card
with the Quantum hard drive.

For the most part working fine.

Just checking those ASSIGNS. The
computer boots and tries to find
VOLUMES that don't actually exist.

I need to edit out those ASSIGNS.

Save the changes to the User-Startup.

I use CED as a text editor.

I obtained this drive from a good
Amiga buddy of old. He also provided
for me the SPIRIT board for the 500.

Uses a pretty sexy set of icons.

It was at this point I decided it
was about time I backed this drive up.

The drive is just packed with stuff.

My goodness even has the old GVP
hard drive FastPrep software.

OK guess I'm ready to play.

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