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ScuzzBlog: Diaries September 2018

Entry 1st September 2018: Post 03: Elvira you failed me

Elvira you failed me
I have been searching for a good while for a copy of Elvira the 
Arcade Game to come available at a reasonable price. I was so
excited when the box arrived which included the poster. Sadly when
I fired up the game Disk 1 was busted.... and I mean busted. Luckily
I have a working set of disks for the game so all was not lost.

I then got to thinking whether I could copy the disks using X-COPY.
So I pulled an A500 and set too copying the disks. I did get an
error during the process but carried on regardless.

The game played from the first copied disk and then proceeded to
the second. And then at the very same point in the game it would
crash out. Anyway, I still used the copy of the first disk which
is basically the intro anyway, and then used my official second
disk which was still working. I was then able to carry on in the
game and enjoy a fun packed hour with the very lovely Elvira.	

Elvira the Arcade Game

Elvira.. What lovely artwork.

Sadly Disk 1 was busted.

I do have another working set.
There are just the two disks.

So I X-copied the disks...

And woke Elvira up with my copied set.

Managed to get into the game on
using the book for the password.

So I placed the copied set in the box.

Time to fire up the 1500 and see if
the disks work on that machine.

The game was OK until it reached this point
and then kept bombing out.

So I used my copied first disk and the
original second and could fly past the
dreaded crash point.

I was able to continue and enjoyed
a good hour playing the game. Great fun.

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