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ScuzzBlog: Diaries September 2018

Entry 3rd September 2018: Post 01: Amiga 2000 - Backing Up

Amiga 2000 - Confused .. You will be
There use to be this comedy on TV many many years ago called 'Soap'
which basically was a piss take of every soap on TV. What was very
amusing was at the beginning of each episode they would do a summary
of the previous week with the final words .. 'Confused' and then
went on to say that if your weren't then you soon will be. Well that
is how this blog is going to feel to many. Anyway, here goes.

Previously on my scuzzblog diaries, I had shown the contents if a
Quantum hard drive mounted on a GVP Series II card in an Amiga 1500.
The card was obtained from a serious Amigan who had lovingly created
a work of art with regard to the contents of the drive. Sadly these
drives do tend to struggle a bit and I was somewhat worried that it
may be coming to the end of its life.

Next I had removed the hard drive from an Amiga A2000HD and placed in
another Amiga 1500 because I suspected the internal workings of the
Amiga 2000HD. In the end it turned out to be no more than a dodgy
drive and so yesterday I refitted the card back to the A2000HD machine.

In an effort to get a hard drive working on the now rebuilt second
Amiga 1500 I installed a GVP Series II that I had in a box but
discovered that whilst the card was working along with the fully
populated RAM , the drive on the card had long since locked up.

With me so far ?

So I have one Amiga 1500 with GVP and dodgy card but drive working.
I have an Amiga 2000HD with a busted hard drive but working card.
And I have this second Amiga 1500 with a working card and locked drive.
Confused... well it gets better. Cus in an effort to back up the
Quantum on the dodgy GVP Series II I drafted in an Amiga 600 with
CF card to try and Parnet across the content.

This was a long long day and although only 20 pictures, trust me
it in no way reflects the efforts of the day.

By the way when I say Amiga 2000 I basically also mean the 1500.
Why they re-badged this machine in the UK probably has more to do
with The Checkmate than anything else. In truth the A2000 and the
A1500 are the same machine... just has two floppy drives and a
brown label.

Amiga 2000 Backing Up

First up I drafted in the use of the A600
with the crappy CF card. Reason.. I needed
two computers and two monitors on the bench
and the A600 is small and easy to move about.
It also has loads of free drive space.

The 600 is unexpanded and hasn't been used
since I fitted the CF card. Has never felt
like a proper Amiga since I removed the
2.5" hard drive so she sits dormant.

The drive basically is set up with WB and
two large games partitions. Demonstrating sadly
what appears to be the current trend of Amiga
users today. Anyway, onwards.

I set too installing Parnet and needed
edit the mount file so I could see the
drives across the network connection.

I used DOPUS to check the drive names
on the Amiga 600, which was already
proving to be slower than a very slow thing.

Time to rename that pesky games volume.

I have no idea how anyone uses an A600
without extra RAM and accelerator. The
computer is bonkers slow and I had kinda
already decided I needed to dump the
A600 in favour of a proper Amiga.

I set up the Electrohome on top of the
A1500 which proved to be a big big mistake.
Basically cus the thing is **cking heavy.

First problem was that the drive refused
to boot. So I pulled a spare card I had
and stuck the dodgy hard drive on to it.

No memory as such.

And no drive sadly.. Waste of time.

I lumped that monitor on and off
the A1500 several times checking.

No amount of twiddling and reseating worked.

The drive just refused to boot up.

Time to pull cards and swap machines.

Previously on scuzzblog we had tried
to fit a drive to a 1500 using a boxed
GVP Series II that I had never used.

And so I removed the drive I wanted to
back up and fitted this to a fully
populated Series II in another 1500.

Keep up !!!!!!!

B I N G O !!!!!

Not only but also.. Loads of memory.

And so I had for the first time today
a working Amiga 1500 and a working
GVP Series II and a working hard drive.

I really had had enough of lumping
around monitors and using crappy CF
cards in a very slow Amiga 600.. and so
I transferred the project to my upper
sanctum and fired up two monitors and
an Amiga 1200 with the Blizzard Turbo.

Ahhhhhh !!! Much better.

And after a short while I had a full copy
of the dodgy hard drive off the Series II.

Better yet the new card was working like
a dream and running without fault. Magic.

You can see here the Parnet set up on the 1500.

Less confused

Certainly relieved to have a copy of that
drive all safely tucked away on a proper hard drive.

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