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ScuzzBlog: Diaries September 2018

Entry 4th September 2018: Post 02: Amiga 1200 - Floppy burning smell

Amiga 1200 - Floppy burning smell
OK part II of my quest to find a working A1200 floppy drive and
this time I went deeper into the floppy graveyard.

First the symptoms.....

01. Constant whirring and spinning disk.
02. No disk activity and just an electric noise.
03. DF0 ???.
04. Constant disk errors.
05. Actual issues getting the disk in.
06. Sticking disk as it retracts.


01: Check the front switches and plate slides.
02: Throw the thing away or replace motor.
03: Clean the heads.
04: Clean the heads. Check front switches.
05: Check drive plates and item 6.
06: Remove shielding and motherboard and check the casing slot
to see that there wasn't a factory fault making the unit. I can
only do this by comparing two Amigas. Does happen and the guys
at Commodore were a dab hand and fudging a solution. Over time
the floppy wears away at the fix and difficult to reseat. So
its a case of just adjusting the actual three screws and maybe
leaving the inner bracket off. Takes a while to fix that one.

Amiga 1200 Floppy inner workings

Enter three more candidates to fix Helena.

Number one just whirred and no activity.

Number two was totally dead.

Number three responded to pressing
those front switches so decided to
take a closer look.

I cleaned and placed the disk in the drive.

Seemed to be trying very hard to
activate the read/write head.

Maybe the bottom plate was stuck.

The bottom plate needs to be hooked
over that rotating arm that slides
the outer disk shield across.

It was at this point that the motor
began to smoke.. badly. The drive
then shot out fully and the power
light on the Amiga went out.

The drive sadly was totally burnt out.

Back to drive number one and a rinse
and repeat in metaphoric terms.

Amazingly the drive head sprang
into action...

The monitor was showing a disk requester
which is always a good sign.

Needed a bit more work on cleaning
the heads. And bending the bottom plate.

Er !! I was using an old A600 Workbench
disk to test the drive. Hence WB2.0.

And she was alive.

Turns out the bracket to the front of the unit
was a little bent above the eject button and
snagging on the bottom runner. I simply bent it
level and the bottom plate released itself. Sadly
my battery in the camera went pop so I couldn't
record the event. Never mind. All fine now.

And so the lovely Helena is now a fully
functioning working A1200 again. To celebrate
I just procured a 2.5" internal hard drive
and now await its arrival.

Good stuff

Time for a cuppa.

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