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ScuzzBlog: Diaries September 2018

Entry 6th September 2018: Post 02: Amiga - SWOSTED

Amiga - SWOSTED Part II

.. And so to the game itself. Sit back and enjoy.

Amiga SWOS Part II

First up pick the type of competition,
league or game you want to play.

Then name your manager.. I use Ms Veiga.

Time to select a team.

Let's go South America.

And select Brazil.

And I choose Santos.

I get a letter confirming my appointment.

Check out the upcoming fixtures.

Check money available for transfers.

And check out the domestic market.
I could also check the world markets
the game is that detailed.

I place a bid which can also include
an exchange of players if I so choose.

My offer is accepted. You can be refused
point blank and told to go away.

And so I put the new player in the squad.

OK to the first game..

Note that I have chosen to COACH the
game which means I do not need to control
my players. Prior to this screen I could
actually train by playing my B TEAM and
checking out how good players are. Especially
if you just bought a new player. You can also
decide what are the best tactics and formations.

The great joy here is training an unknown player
that eventually plays for the national team.
The value of players increase and decrease
depending on where you play them and how
successful they are in the team.

Keep an eye on values of players and try
to increase this over time. They will go
down in value if they do not play. So
rotating players is a good idea.

Ready to play.... !!!

So I just sit back and watch how players
do. You can flag a player with a number
so you can watch their position on screen.

Half time and there are the stats.

Time for a change. Just move the joystick
a few time to the left and you get the
coaching bench. You can change team
members and also change formations.

WoW I scored..... !!!!

And then I got a player sent off.

I scored again and the action
was so fast its a blur.

So I won my first game.

And those are the stats.

League position.

And my next game.

Game is updated as the other teams play.
Please note that the game has to play
not just all the teams in your league
but monitors every team around the world.

Top goal scorers.

You can check out the status of any team
in the world at any time during the season.

This helps when buying players.

Check you bank statement. It is not
good to lose money as the owners will
probably sack you. If you lose games
you will also get the sack, eventually.

You can save and watch your favourite
highlights and joy at all those classic goals.

M A G I C.

And even create your very own teams, leagues
design your own custom kits and second kits.

And all this on two DD floppy disks.. Just
reflect on the massive amount of data needed.

I cannot tell you how many hours I have played
this game. The joy for me is letting the game
run on its own whilst I do other things. The
cheers of the crowds are either triumphant or
failure, but always entertaining.

Thank you to all those at Sensible. Shame the game
never ported properly to the PlayStation, though
they did try. Just didn't work. In truth who
needs FIFA when you have Sensible World of Soccer.

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